Why join us?

An invitation from ASIA Founding Chairman
Prof. WANG Yan

You may be wondering, “How could I benefit from ASIA membership ?”

We have spent lots of time considering AISA`s benefits on behalf of its members—including advocacy and continuing medical education, clinical research, subspecialty symposium as well as patient care.

The healthcare environment we faced today, bring us together to improve orthopaedic academic collaboration, achieve regional health reform and establish a broader platform.

We also plan to offer travel fellowship and online journals. Most of our benefits are free, some will cost. If you get involved, you could absorb knowledge from hundreds of talented orthopaedists who dedicate their time, ideas and experience to commit to build up a better environment for our patients.

We also hope to get involvement from you. This is the spirit of “ ASIA is yours!”

AISA is your friend to help you in developing your career, your experience, your vision and then you may help ASIA and grow up with AISA.

Join us and be a member of ASIA today!

Yours sincerely,


Founding Chairman of Arthroplasty Society in Asia

President of Chinese Orthopedic Association

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