Membership benefits


We commit to build up a non-profit association which is able to accelerate Asian orthopaedics development and bring more benefits to our patients and young orthopaedists. ASIA is made up of famous professors from Asian countries and allied health personnels. Our primary focus is on increasing orthopaedic academic collaboration between its members in order to achieve regional health reform and the quality of patient life.

Clinical research

Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, technology overviews and information statements help you make diagnostic and treatment recommendations. You can get the latest clinical updates and share your issues and experiences in instructional courses or symposium.

Travel fellowship

We provide valuable opportunities to learn with leading experts through oversea exchange.


Journal of the ASIA is practice –focused which reviews orthopaedic advances and summarized clinical guideline.

Subspecialty symposium

  • Take privilege of the subspecialty symposium offered by ASIA. You will enjoy the following exclusive benefits.
  • Distinguished professors give speeches and instructional courses.
  • Visit exhibitions and enjoy gala dinners.
  • Get a preview of the latest technology in orthopaedic area.

Internship opportunity

Guide the career path of a young orthopaedic surgeon or medical students. Hold a workshop with companies and training through ASIA.

Patient care

We will provide brochures to educate patients about arthritis and arthroplasty. It helps you to improve your communication with patients and promote your profession.

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